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Kennston is a trans media company ran by trans people. Michelle Austin founded the company back in 2011 out of lack for her to get work in the adult industry. Since then she has changed the game for the adult trans industry. 2014 she met Dicky Johnson and they teamed up to revamp Kennston into what it is today. Together they have changed the way trans men are viewed in the trans porn industry by having the most DVD’s produced with trans men in them and the number one FTM adult site. For more information on the adult side visit our Adult page.

After they realized there was such a lack for the FTM part of the trans media world, Kennston decided in 2015 to form a media company that wasn’t just adult work. The first thing on their agenda was to form Transgentlemen’s Club Magazine. Due to the lack of magazines out there for trans men, Kennston felt it was their duty to create something different from the others. To include a magazine that was all-inclusive to the FTM market. A magazine for trans men by trans men. Since it’s launch in 2016 it has garnered positive reviews from the FTM community. Releasing bi-monthly in digital format which is interactive and free.

In 2017 Kennston plans to form a trans site for trans owned business to help support them and promote them through their media network.



  • Michelle Austin: Owner
  • Dicky Johnson: Co-Owner/Talent Director
  • Eddie Wood: Editor of FTM Men Magazine/Producer
  • Rolad Blunt: Documentary Film Maker/Producer
  • Ames Bexxx: Producer/Photographer


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