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Indiegogo Campaign for XXX Trump Gangbang


Indiegogo Campaign for XXX Trump Gangbang Aims to Screw Donald Trump’s Electoral Chances with Porn

 (Washington, DC/September 27, 2016)

Transgender-Erotica-Award-winning adult performer, director, and producer Michelle Austin has teamed up with Chris Sowa from the Sex with Strangers podcast to make American porn parodies great again. Together they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a hardcore Trump-themed gangbang like no other.

Ridicule is often the most effective way to engage with bullies, bigots, and con men like Donald Trump. Yes, the fate of the free world is a serious matter, and there is something undeniably tragic about the current state of American politics. But there is often comedy in tragedy.  All around the country reasonable people are saying to themselves, “fuck, Donald Trump.” This campaign is designed to give that silent majority a voice. As the election season has dragged on it has become increasingly clear that the only appropriate response to Trump’s candidacy is a hardcore gangbang sponsored by the American electorate.

About one week into this three-week effort, the quest to make American porn parodies great again has raised about half of its overall goal. “We need ordinary Americans from around the country to step up, pitch in, and say ‘let’s collectively fuck Donald Trump in the ass with a giant wall of dicks,’” added Michelle Austin from Kennston Productions.

As unpleasant as the idea of a Trump-themed XXX gangbang might sound to the average person, it is nothing compared to the hellscape awaiting each and every one of us if Americans don’t unite to stop Donald J Trump from wrapping his tiny orange hands around our nation’s throat.

This indiegogo campaign offers an array of incentives for contributing including behind the scenes footage, tickets to the wrap party, and even the very wig they will use to transform their star into The Donald. So, what are you waiting for? Do your part to make American porn parodies great again by visiting igg.me/at/dumptrumpnow and add your voice to this movement.

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  • Michelle Austin
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  • Tasha Jones

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