Parting Ways With Eddie Wood

Effective immediately, Kennston Entertainment has severed all ties with Eddie Wood. His site will be taken off our network of sites and we will have no further involvement with him in any of our projects or appearances.
A few years ago we backed Eddie when he said he was raped in a scene he shot (a trade shoot with another model for his site). We took steps in the industry to get this model’s site taken off their network, awards stripped, etc.. We did it all without going public. We felt like we needed to protect him.
Months later, we started to see a different side of Eddie we had never seen. We started to see rage and anger,  and treatment of women that was not appropriate. In that time we started to receive letters from ex’s with abuse allegations against him. (One of those letters has become public in  the last few days.) We didn’t know how to approach this, and tried keeping it within the company and had decided to start the process to slowly and quietly part ways with him. We felt his behavior wasn’t right for our company. This past year we opted to keep him on network, but to not shoot any further projects with him. His last appearance was with us during AVN this year.
In the last few months we have seen him selling the scene for his profit and felt like if he was really raped in that scene he wouldn’t be selling it. We put our reputation and company on the line to protect him, to turn around and see him selling the alleged rape scene for his profit. We also recently heard him on a podcast publicly making fun of his rape. With the allegations against him and his actions in the last month, we at Kennston have decided it’s in the best interest for our company and the trans community that we relinquish ties with Eddie Wood. Affective immediately, he will no longer be associated with the Kennston brand.

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