Sunday 21st July 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Aside from the basic treatment of reading Quranic verses over Zam Zam or normal water to deal with most types of magic spells (Sihr), 45 specific Quranic verses have been found to work effectively against the nine main signs/symbols that Sorcerers and Magicians use to harm people. To treat these, simply add these verses to the basic treatment and wash over the affected person. To make this easier, we have printed them on soluble/dilutable paper that can be easily dissolved in 20-25 liters of zam zam or normal water. You can order this by clicking here.

The condition for this is that the paper must contain some ink or substance that will dissolve and that it can be written with. We also recommend using a soluble pen/pencil that can be washed. This is in line with the Hadeeth of Ibn Abbaas – a famous Sahih Muslim scholar – who said that it is permissible to write verses and Islamic supplications on any kind of paper or tablet, wash them, and give it to the patient to drink.

Some scholars have argued that this is not permissible, but others have agreed that it is, provided the paper is not made of blood, which would not be suitable to be written on since it violates the prohibition against writing with anything that might cause harm or injury to another human being. Other than this, it is not a problem to use such paper to print these particular verses as some of the righteous predecessors did. dissolvable quran ruqyah paper

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