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If you are opting for the finest nuptial makeup for this summer, then all you need is to determine the skin and skin tone.

Sunny, summer weather sets an ideal backdrop for any kind of wedding. Though, the outdoor ceremony just risks a makeup meltdown during this time of year. If you are the bride or even a guest attending the outdoor nuptials, consider these summer makeup tips and tricks before heading out in the heat. In this summer, you need to know the perfect marriage maquillage so that you do not look over the top for different skin tone.

Deck up the darker skin bride with little heavy cosmetics

When it comes to the bridal makeup for the wedding, you will have to keep the skin tone in mind. And according to that, you need to create your nuptial look.

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  • Base: Always opt for the base or foundation that suits your skin tone well. Do not go for the fairer shade (common mistake brides make) as this will look like a miss-match between your face and the rest of the body. Make sure you set your whole look along with the compact or loose powder. The absolutely special attention must be paid to blending to make your face look flawless for bridal makeup for the wedding.
  • Eyes: You also need to go for the muted gold eye shadow or bronze. You are able to highlight your eyes along with the black eyeliner and eyes filled with kohl.
  • Cheeks: Deep rose hues, golden brown and plums assist to highlight the positive. So, just try to ignore the light pink, brown and also peach as the shades just tend to look muddy on dark skin.
  • Lips: Selecting the actual shade, which works both off and on camera does not really have to be hard. Select a lip color, which is only one tone darker than the natural lip color for an effortlessly pretty look.

For the medium or fair skin tone

If you have the medium to fairer skin tone, then you will always have to remember a fact that you choose the right kind of shade for your skin tone so that it does not look over the top or made up.

  • Base: For the lighter or medium lighter skin tones, who mainly suffer from the redness should go for the good concealer first. Switch your foundation a couple of months prior to your big day so that your skin will just get used to that base.
  • Eyes: Pale, natural colors really look excellent on the pale skin. Champagne grays, hues, soft pinks and even cool brown and grey hues all match well and will really make your eyes pop out!
  • Cheeks: Fair skinned beauties, do not just get carried away; the soft pink, light coral or peach will improve your porcelain skin just right. The main is light application. Lots of product, or the use of saturated hues, will create a harsh finish.
  • Lips: You need to go for the bold colored lips such as sandy pinks, rosy pinks and soft apricots. Eventually, it is going to make your complete face look more attractive and will really bring out those beautiful lips you have! kohl eyeliner powder

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