Thursday 18th July 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Life after baby doesn’t mean you need to give up the designer diaper bag. Today’s bags are unisex, stylish and have lost that bulky ‘diaper bag’ look of yesterday. So, now that baby is out of diapers, off the bottle and doesn’t need five changes of clothes everywhere you go, what do you do with the bag? Convert it of course! Recycling, reusing and sustainability are all the rage right now, so get creative and find other uses for that baby bag. Here are some ideas to get you started to turning your diaper bag into something a bit ‘more’:

1. Travel Tote

Diaper bags are often the perfect size for carry-on luggage. If you travel frequently, or even infrequently, your old bag can be transformed into the best carry-on you’ve ever had. Utilize all of the little compartments for shampoos, soaps and other essentials and pack a pair of shoes and a few changes of clothes in the main compartment. Or, if you don’t need more room for clothes, pack magazines, books, a laptop and your iPod and turn your bag into your own little traveling entertainment center.

2. Work Bag

Men and women alike tend to load themselves down with bags: messenger bags, tote bags and lunch bags. Why not consolidate all of your items into one bag? The compartments in a diaper bag make great holders for office supplies, date books, notebooks and even a laptop. No doubt you’ll even have room left over to toss in a lunch sack.

3. Picnic Basket

An unused baby bag can make a great picnic ‘basket’. Many bags are insulated or, at the very least, have insulated compartments; perfect for keeping a picnic cool. Waterproof bags make putting an ice pack or two in with your food ideal. Diaper bags have plenty of room for a blanket and food enough for a romantic picnic for two. What stressed out couple wouldn’t like to take an afternoon to relax in the park?

4. Handbag

Convert that bag into a snazzy, new handbag. What purse are you going to find with so many handy hiding places for your stuff? All of the room in the bag will make it crazy easy to find the things you need without the necessity of digging while checking out at the store and annoying everyone behind you. bucket handbags leather

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