Thursday 18th July 2024
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As the heart of your computer, a good case is essential for clean cable management and easy assembly. But the best cases also offer plenty of room for upgrades, good airflow, and great looks. And of course, the best gaming pc case builder should be able to accommodate all of your components.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cases that make the build process fun and rewarding. Some are incredibly affordable, while others will set you back a bit more. Still, all of these cases offer plenty of features for the money and are well worth checking out.

The NZXT H7 Flow is among the most affordable cases we’ve ever tested, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices quality or convenience. This mid-tower offers excellent thermal performance and a surprisingly easy build process. It even comes with a dedicated PCIe 4.0 riser cable to help keep your cable runs tidy. And it fits huge triple-slot graphics cards, despite its compact frame.

iBuypower is one of the more established pre-fab PC builders and has a lot to offer for gamers on any budget. Their configuration process starts with a few questions about your games and uses, and then recommends the ideal motherboard, case, power supply, and liquid cooling system for your needs.

BLD by NZXT is another great option for beginners who want to avoid spending much time on the configuration process. This configuration tool asks a few simple questions, like whether you prefer AMD or Intel processors, and then automatically curates a list of parts for your budget. It even provides an easy-to-read overview of all the important specs for each component. custom gaming pc case builder

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