Thursday 20th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Amber Sea is an upcoming condominium development in the Marine Parade / Katong estate, situated along Amber Road and Meyer Street. This is an established neighbourhood with a strong Peranakan cultural heritage and food scene that gives the area a distinctive charm.

The Amber Sea condominium will be a single 19-storey residential block, containing 132 units. These are one, two, three and four bedders, ranging from studios to penthouses.

Located in an affluent residential area, Amber Sea is nestled in a lush greenery setting. With the East Coast park and beach just a stone’s throw away, it is an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the sea breezes at play!

Amber has long been a symbol of history, tradition and prosperity. It’s also a stone that speaks to the energy of renewal and protection.

For this reason, it is a great stone to wear when you are feeling energetic, positive and self-assured. It will help you to stay focused and on track, allowing you to accomplish your goals with ease.

It’s also a crystal that is good for cutting through pain and increasing immunity. It can also help to lift spirits and provide a gentle pick me up for those who are tired or feeling low.

This beautiful golden gem is a wonderful ally for those who are experiencing chronic illnesses, or just need to boost their energy level. It’s a gentle, soothing energy that helps to heal the physical body, and it’s especially effective in relieving arthritis, joint inflammation and sore muscles.

If you’re looking for an enchanting piece of jewelry to add to your collection, look no further than Amber Sea! Whether it’s a beautiful pendant, an earrings or a bracelet, this gorgeous gem will surely bring your spirit to life!

As with any gemstone, you should always keep your Amber clear and charged. Running your Amber under a tap or light in the sun from time to time will disperse any negative energy that may have built up in it, helping to keep it working at its optimal best!

Using your Amber for healing and meditation is another way to enhance its powers. When used as a meditation tool, it can aid in the release of trapped negative emotions and allow for a deeper connection to your Higher Self.

In addition to its healing properties, Amber can be a powerful protection stone and an excellent shield against harmful energy. It’s a stone that is especially beneficial for those who are seeking to connect with their Guardian Angel.

It’s also a good stone to use during meditation as it can encourage you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and regain control of your thoughts and feelings. It’s a very nurturing and soothing gemstone that can help to reduce stress, increase self-confidence and improve communication skills.

Amber is a fossilized resin that originated from tree trunks millions of years ago. It’s found in many different places around the world, including Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Latvia, Mexico and Poland.

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