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A computer case serves several purposes: It protects your hardware from dust, helps with cable management, and provides a way for you to show off your hardware to the world. Whether you’re looking to build a high-performance gaming rig or just want something that looks pretty, there are plenty of ATX cases to choose from.

ATX is one of the three main PC case sizes, along with Micro ATX and Mini-ITX. The size of your motherboard determines which case type you’ll need.

The most common ATX cases are full towers, though mid-tower and mini-tower options are available too. Most ATX cases are made from metal and feature 5.25″, 3.5″, and 2.5″ drive bays. Those with front panel USB ports are especially easy to connect to devices, as you don’t have to remove the side panel to access them.

Some of the best ATX cases are designed to be as beautiful as they are functional, with tempered glass panels and lots of color choices for those who want their PC to make a statement. The HP Omen 45L is a prime example, with an aggressive design that screams performance and customizable RGB lighting to make your build look its best.

If you’re building a PC for gaming, it’s worth looking at cases with room for large graphics cards and a custom loop cooling system. Modern ATX cases are typically roomy enough for the larger Extended ATX motherboards, although you’ll want to double-check before you buy. These motherboards have extra expansion slots, but they can also add a little more weight to your build. atx case

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