Sunday 16th June 2024
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If you’re hiring privately, you’ll need to interview and check references to find the right carer for your needs. This is a time-consuming process, and some families prefer to have their family members in attendance at the interviews so that they feel part of the selection process.

The benefit of using an agency is that they take care of all the background checks, and you’ll have a better chance at finding a long-term caregiver who is a good fit for your loved one. Agencies also provide a guarantee of services so that you can be assured your loved one is covered no matter what happens.

Having someone else take on the household tasks frees up your loved one’s time to pursue their hobbies, interests and passions. For many seniors, feeling they have to abandon their hobbies and interests as they age can make them sad and depressed. Having a well-qualified carer can help re-open doors to their favourite activities and even introduce them to new ones that they never knew about before.

In addition to the everyday tasks that a carer can assist with, they can also provide specialised support such as medication management and administration, mobility aids such as wheelchairs and lifts or specialised care such as colostomy, stoma, ventilator or ileostomy care. If your loved one is struggling with these complex procedures, a specialist carer can provide the extra assistance they need to manage their condition and live their life to its fullest. Private Carers

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