Sunday 19th May 2024
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Ditch the kettle, say goodbye to bottled water and get a Boiling and chilled water tap installed for a kitchen upgrade that will transform the way you cook, clean and drink. Instant filtered boiling and chilled water on tap will eliminate the need for a bulky electric kettle taking up valuable bench space. You will also be able to say goodbye to filling and emptying jugs of cold water in your fridge – and all those plastic bottles that are bad for the environment.

Unlike regular taps that run at room temperature, boiling water taps use mini boilers to heat the water up to a specific temperature. Then they allow you to dispense the water at the press of a button. This makes it great for a quick cup of tea or coffee without the hassle of boiling the kettle, waiting for it to boil and then trying to remember to turn it off when you’re done. These taps can be a real time saver, especially in busy homes and workplaces.

Most of the boiling taps available are rated A for energy efficiency. This is because the boilers are kept insulated, meaning they don’t require as much energy to keep hot as a standard tap. The most efficient models tend to use around 3-10p a day to keep the water at boiling point, compared to the cost of electricity for heating a kettle up and then turning it off.

The best boiling water taps can deliver a pot of near-boiling water in around 60 seconds, as long as you keep the button pressed. Some even have a child lock for peace of mind and safety. The Grohe Red tap, for example, has a textured easy-to-grip ring that you push down twice to unlock (that’s the childproofing) and then a button you press once to start dispensing near-boiling water. The second you take your finger off the button, the water stops.

To check whether your tap is delivering the correct temperature, try pouring a small amount of boiling water into a glass, pint cup or measuring jug that you know will hold its heat well. You can also use a thermometer to see what the actual temperature is.

It’s always worth checking out a few different brands before you make your decision. There are a number of good options from Zip, Billi and Perrin & Rowe. They all have their own designs, features and price points. However, both Zip and Billi have 3-in-1 filtered boiling and chilled water taps which are a fantastic alternative to an electric kettle or jugs of water. You’ll find that their taps have a similar functionality but each has its own advantages, such as the design of the spout, the size of the tank and the power consumption and running costs. Both brands also offer a range of drain font kits to suit your kitchen style, with Zip having rectangular shaped ones and Billi having stylish circular ones.

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