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Designing visuals for branding and marketing purposes is a crucial task that requires the expertise of graphic designers. These professionals are familiar with various design principles such as balance, contrast, hierarchy, proximity, repetition, and whitespace to create visually appealing and cohesive designs that promote brand identity and messaging. They also ensure their work is adaptable across different platforms and mediums to maximize the effectiveness of their clients’ marketing campaigns.

A well-established and experienced graphic design firm from Chicago can help businesses of all sizes achieve their branding goals and boost their sales. They can offer a range of services that include logo design, business cards, infographics, and templates as well as digital and print advertising campaigns. In addition to this, they can assist with website development, media management, and social media marketing.

When choosing a graphic design firm, consider their years of experience and the types of projects they have worked on in the past. Look at their portfolios to see how their designs have been received by past and current clients, and read reviews to learn more about their pricing structures, turnaround times, and transparency.

Otherwise Incorporated, established in 1992, is a branding agency that works with clients to develop marketing and rebranding strategies. It provides graphic and logo design services as well as website development and design, branding, communications tools, and publication strategy for authors and editors. The company additionally offers environmental and signage design services. Based in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, Lightbox Graphix assists local businesses and organizations with custom signs. It offers outdoor and indoor signs, window graphics and wraps, fabric prints, privacy window films, commercial vehicle wraps and graphics, and ADA signage. graphic design firm from Chicago

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