Thursday 20th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Designed for gripping the trampoline surface, Custom Trampoline Socks are commonly used by gymnasts and jumpers to ensure safety, enhance stability, and prevent slippage. They are typically worn during trampoline park visits and help to preserve the equipment, maintain hygiene standards, and reduce the amount of dirt tracked onto the mats from socks with regular soles. Grip socks are available in a range of different colors and designs to suit individual preferences.

YORIN trampoline socks are manufactured using premium quality materials and advanced technology. They are breathable, soft, strong and able to stretch for a perfect fit. The material is also able to wick away sweat to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Moreover, they can be washed several times without losing their shape and color.

Trampoline socks are usually made of cotton, a natural fabric that offers softness and breathability. Combined with spandex, it provides elasticity and durability. Cotton also helps to control temperature, keeping the feet warm in winter and cool in summer, and dries quickly, mitigating unpleasant odors.

Trampoline socks are typically designed to be mid-calf in length. This makes them ideal for wearing with shorts. They are typically embroidered with the logo of a trampoline park or other recreational facility. This helps to promote brand awareness while ensuring safety and comfort for guests. Custom Trampoline Socks

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