Tuesday 16th April 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

I have to admit this: I don’t watch that much television as I did before. Several years ago, I would spend almost half of my day watching TV and entertaining myself. For me, that was fun until internet was introduced. To be honest, the internet changed not only mine but my family’s lifestyle as well. My parents who are both in their 50’s are knowledgeable enough in it, and they are even members of social networking sites. Unlike before when the usual family bonding was watching TV, we rarely have that now. Each of us are busy using the internet for school research, work purposes or for mere entertainment. With the number of hours we spend on the internet, YouTube has become a site that we frequent. For some reasons, YouTube somehow killed the purpose of television or the “boob tube.”

A number of traditional people still prefer the boob tube over YouTube. They still love the idea of being able to watch TV without any effort and without waiting for the videos to load (for slower internet connections). They still enjoy the picture quality that most modern TVs have now, which are absent for most videos online.

However, there are also several reasons as to why more people choose YouTube nowadays instead of the TV. First of all, YouTube is purely non-discriminating when it comes to uploading videos. Anyone can upload videos. People can become popular in YouTube not because they are pretty or handsome, but because they are talented. The site offers equal opportunities for different countries, races and people. It becomes a ground for people who are too shy to audition on TV but can show the world what they have when only themselves are watching. The television, on the other hand, only shows presentable personalities who have talents. There may be some talent shows on TV but not all people have the guts to apply. The showcase of talents therefore is somehow limited to a number of people.

Second, people opt watching in YouTube because they can watch their favorite videos or shows all over again, at their own time. Unlike in television, time slots are restricted, and it is therefore not ideal for those who are busy at work.

Third, having an internet connection is cheaper and is more convenient than buying a television and subscribing for a cable connection. An internet connection can be applied to a computer so that it is easier to do research and watch videos. A cable connection for TV on the other hand is limited to just watching a number of channels, and it ends there. You can’t use it for other useful stuff.

Fourth, you can advertise anything at YouTube for free by making your own video, which is too far from the expenses that you will have if you will have it advertised by a TV station.

Although YouTube has somehow dominated the boob tube, I still believe that the latter will never be obsolete. It will still remain an essential part of any household. Even though there are a lot more benefits watching shows online, there will still be a difference in sitting back and relaxing without even moving a finger or waiting for a video to load. The news, for example, will always be better to watch on TV since it’s faster to broadcast there than in the internet. Somehow I think the boob tube isn’t really dead; we just happen to be in a time when it is currently dominated by the sensational YouTube site. buy watch time hours youtube

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