Tuesday 16th April 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

The wood heaters Fireplace is a stunning wall recessed electric fireplace with the most realistic flame effects on the market. It is also totally safe for kids and pets and can be operated without a gas line hookup or maintenance. It is available in multiple sizes to suit any space and looks incredible.

The Dimplex Opti-V is an electric fireplace that makes use of the latest advancements in artificial flame technology and blends them into one unit. The firebox combines flickering flames with 3D inner glowing logsets that sporadically spark and crackle, resulting in a virtual fireplace experience like no other.

It utilises high definition video of real wood fires and a patented 3D illusion to create an effect that is truly in a category all its own! The Opti-V is a true show stopper that leaves a lasting impression and will be a talking point for guests.

Opti-V is the redefinition of the electric fireplace, expanding the realm of possibilities where traditional wood or gas flame installations are not possible. It reimagines the flame feature for today’s contemporary home and commercial spaces that demand a dramatic focal point.

This unit utilizes the patented LED flame technology from Dimplex that merges unbelievable flames with 3D logs that intermittently spark and crackle! The Opti-V fuses the magic of Pepper’s Ghost illusory technique with the realism of a genuine flame, and it is that combination of reality and magic that makes this unit stand out from the crowd.

The Opti-V Solo features a LCD screen to create the flame and spark effects, while the 3D inner glowing logset make use of LED lighting for added realism. An integrated speaker and sound system brings audio to the flickering flames, completing the overall illusion of this stunning one-of-a-kind firebox.

It combines the patented LED flame technology from Dimplex and a high definition video to create an effect that is truly in teh category all its own! The Opti-V Solo is a true show stopper that leaves an unforgettable impression and will be a talking point for your guests.

You can easily install an Opti-V electric fireplace into your existing living room or you can build a new one in your home with minimal hassle and no mess. It is available in many styles and finishes to match your decor. It is ideal for residential and commercial spaces such as restaurants, bars, hotels and business foyers.

Opti-V is a zero clearance, completely maintenance free electric fire that can operate at less than 1C/ per day and is extremely energy efficient. It is also a very low cost option to heat your home or commercial space and does not produce any hot surfaces or flame heat making it extremely safe for children and pets.

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