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Sometimes a question arises in mind what to wear with blue? Blue has many shades such as federal ultramarine and cobalt. Blue can be coordinated with a matching, darker or lighter shade of itself. Its contrasting color on the color chart is orange so, a man who likes pumpkins rust, or melon, then he should try the colors together to see. Likewise man can even try one of its neighbor’s on the color chart.  Green is the flawless example. As a blue-green (aqua, teal) with blue give a positive look. Other colors to consider are pink, khaki, yellow, cream and blue’s other neighbor on the color chart are purple.  Shades such as white, black and gray look excellent with blue they are even good trying with a blue dress shirt. Keep in attention the undertones and the shade of gray match well with blue shirts.

Blue is associated with satisfaction, peacefulness and tranquility. Blue signifies happiness and calmness. Normally blue color is a most preferred color of those men who are talented and love harmony, skilled and reliable. Moreover, the blue color is huge in its color range. Men can wear a variety of blue color dress shirts as mentioned. For instance light blue dress shirts, navy blue, French blue dress shirts, aqua, Tiffany, royal blue midnight blue dress shirt etc. Whatsoever the shady man wants for his shirt, blue have it for him. These days blue dress shirts with white cuffs and collar are very much in for style.

Seasonal changes matters when it comes to wear a blue shirt. It is good to keep in mind before wearing this shade that which season is on, as no color is not friendly enough to wear in all season. Blue is a kind of shade that can be worn throughout the year.

What to wear with a blue shirt in summer or spring – Cream, white, yellow, khaki (with dark blue’s), jeans, gray, blue, purple or black pants will look fine on man’s blue shirt.

What to wear with a blue shirt or sweater in fall or winter – Jeans, blue, khaki, navy, gray or black pants will be perfect with blue dress shirt.

Blue men’s shirts are for young men that follow style. It would not be wrong to say man has better things to do than waste hours of his life in shopping and in selecting colors. Whether it is day or night when blue dress shirt will be worn it will look graceful on man.

Whichever blue color you want, online stores like Cerise has all the blue tones available for them on their demand. They got a unique collection of navy blue custom dress shirt with gray or black suit and silver tie, dark blue dress shirts with black suit and maroon or gray tie will look good. So, when men plan to portray his personality like above mentioned abilities and are keen to wear a variety of blue tones, then getting blue custom dress shirts from Cerise would be the correct choice for him. sales michael kors handbags

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