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Fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans are a form of the benzimidazole drug used by veterinarians to treat parasites in animals. This medication has also been used as a anti-worm treatment for human patients with gastrointestinal parasites such as giardia and pinworm. This benzimidazole family of drugs has a number of interesting properties and has been shown to have three significant impacts on cancer cells in lab tests: reactivating the p53 gene, inducing apoptosis, and inhibiting cancer cell glucose absorption.

These effects may be due to the fact that benzimidazoles bind tightly to tubulin, preventing its microtubules from assembling. This is similar to the way that chemotherapy drugs work, which also prevents microtubule assembly to disrupt DNA and render it more susceptible to radiation. This might explain why fenbendazole has such potent anti-cancer effects in lab tests.

However, there is no evidence that fenbendazole, or other benzimidazoles, can cure cancer in human patients. Health Canada lists this medication for veterinary use only and it has not been tested for safety in people with cancer. A 2020 study found that animal anthelmintics (the type of medications used to treat parasites in animals) might have anti-cancer effects but it would be a long journey to turn these promising results into an approved cancer therapy.

The fenbendazole protocol that was pioneered by Joe Tippens is based on four things; 1) a high nutrient diet 2) a methylated form of selenium 3) a low dose of a benzimidazole drug called metronidazole and 4) three daily injections of fenbendazole. The protocol has had mixed results, but many have reported that they experienced a detox reaction and saw improvements in their condition.

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