Sunday 19th May 2024
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Fire nozzle manufacturers create products that connect with a fire hose to spray water streams in various situations. These specialized devices can help put out large fires or clear escape routes through smoke-filled areas on board a ship. They can also discharge firefighting foam, allowing users to tackle stubborn or smoldering fires that other methods may fail to extinguish.

While these devices are essential for keeping crew members safe at sea, they’re also a vital part of many industrial fire protection systems. For example, if your company produces highly combustible materials, like scrap plastic, it’s important to have a reliable system that can keep those materials from spreading quickly. That’s why it’s important to choose a fire protection system that meets your industry’s unique regulations, including those regarding the volume of water or flame retardant needed per square meter.

The type of fire nozzle you select can have a huge impact on how well your system performs. For example, drenching systems are generally preferred in the United States because they can deliver large volumes of water or flame retardant to suppress a fire’s growth. In the case of the plastic manufacturer mentioned above, their drenching system was likely able to prevent a full-scale disaster by snuffing out the fire before it spread too far into their 100,000 square foot facility.

Fire nozzles can be used in several different types of circumstances, and they typically come in one of two forms: a straight stream fire nozzle or a fog-type nozzle. Both of these options can be adjusted for various settings, depending on the situation and needs of your company.

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