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gippro is dedicated to creating high-quality, smooth taste, and fashionable products that meet the needs of different consumers. Gippro always pays attention to the feedback of users in different markets, and constantly pursues excellence in both design and user experience. With more than 20 years of experience, gippro has grown to be one of the most trusted brands around the world.

Gippro is a leading brand in the electronic cigarettes industry, providing customers with a more healthy and enjoyable alternative to traditional tobacco products. The company focuses on innovation, research and development, and manufactures a variety of e-cigarette products, including split type electronic atomizing smoke, mini electronic cigarette, no burn electronic cigarette, and other accessories. Gippro also provides comprehensive e-cigarette consulting and training services.

The company is based in Hong Kong and has offices, sales teams, and development laboratories worldwide, including Japan, the United States, the UK, China, and Australia. Gippro’s global presence and strong R&D capabilities allow it to offer a wide selection of products and accessories.

Gippro GP6 set (prefilled)

gippro GP6 is a new generation of disposable vaporizers that is made of premium materials to offer a great flavor and superior user experience. The GP6 device features a streamlined body that is comfortable to hold in the hand. Its paint coating is called baby-skin, which makes the surface smooth and hard to leave fingerprints. It has a 400mah battery capacity that can last for a long time and doesn’t take a lot of charging time. It comes with popular flavors to satisfy your vaping needs. The device is easy to use and has a smart LED indicator that shows the status of power. gippro

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