Sunday 19th May 2024
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There are many exceptional employee communication apps available to help organizations stay informed, enhance collaboration, and build communities. To choose the best one for your organization, start by clearly identifying the objectives you want to achieve with the app. Then conduct thorough research to assess the features and functionality of each app against your goals. Read reviews, seek recommendations, and explore demos or trial versions to get a feel for the app. Also, consider scalability—an important feature that will ensure the app can accommodate your company’s growth and evolving communication needs.

Slack, for example, has swept the modern workplace with its channel-based internal messaging. It’s a fast, efficient way to communicate across departments, offices, and time zones. It’s also highly customizable and can support various communication modes, such as instant messaging, video calls, and team “huddles” over chat.

Another excellent employee communication app is Yammer, which allows employees to connect more informally, build communities of interest, and gather ideas and feedback. It’s also part of the Microsoft Office suite and can integrate with other tools to provide insights and analytics.

For deskless workers, consider an employee communication app such as Beekeeper. It connects mobile employees with a common platform and gives them access to work rotas, updates, forms, and more. It uses a familiar social media-style interface and is easy to use on any device. It can even be integrated with other tools to automate workflows. It also includes an employee advocacy component and analytical reporting capabilities. best employee communication apps

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