Thursday 20th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Quilling is an ancient art form. It involves thin strips of paper being rolled and shaped into decorative designs and glued to embellish items like greeting cards, pictures, boxes, and other objects. When traditional materials, such as wrought iron and carved ivory, became expensive, a new material replaced them: paper!

A swatch of colorful paper, a needle-tipped glue bottle, and some non-stick surface are the tools that are needed for this fun craft. Special pre-cut quilling paper strips can be purchased at most craft stores and online; however, if you prefer to cut your own, choose light to medium weight paper and a metal-edged ruler and cutting mat. A craft knife is also helpful.

The most basic shapes for quilling are coils and loops. These two forms can be combined, manipulated, and reshaped to create endless design possibilities. Ann Martin shows us how in her latest book, Paper Quilling Jewelry.

To make a teardrop ring coil, wrap a piece of quilling paper five times around a handle that measures approximately 1/4-inch in diameter. (I used the handle of a clay modeling tool.) Slide the coil off the tool without allowing it to relax and pinch one point to form the shape. Repeat the process with the remaining three points to complete the design.

Licia created several pairs of earrings with these coils as well as a handsome lariat in shades of blue and a gorgeous purple pendant. These pieces are a great way to showcase the many styles of coils you can make! Paper Quilling Jewelry

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