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A commercial lock change is one of the most important security related services for any business. Without it, the safety and security of employees and inventory could be at risk. Luckily, hiring the right company to perform this service can ensure that it is done correctly, and that any locks that are replaced or rekeyed are high quality, providing the highest level of protection possible. Nonstop Locksmith offers efficient, cost-effective commercial lock change Houston services that can help to restore the safety and security of your business.

There are many reasons why you may need to have your commercial locks changed. Maybe the previous tenant forgot to turn in their keys, or your employees have misplaced a few over the years. Break-ins can also happen at your place of business, stealing or damaging your inventory and equipment. You will want to have your locks changed quickly after a break-in to prevent further criminal activity and keep the bad guys out of your property.

The first step to changing your commercial locks is to remove the faceplate from the door handle or knob. This can be done by unscrewing the screw that holds it in place, or by using a flat-head screwdriver to pry it loose. Next, you will need to depress a small tab located inside the lock cylinder with a paperclip. Once this is done, you can simply pull the cylinder out of the housing. Once you have removed the old cylinder, insert the new cylinder into the housing and screw it in, ensuring that the keyway is facing upwards.

After re-inserting the cylinder, you will need to screw in the support plate. The plate is usually attached to the housing with two small prongs that will line up with the holes in the cylinder. Screw the plate to the cylinder, but be careful not to screw it in too tightly. You will still need to be able to align the keyway with the latchbolt when you use it to open your commercial door.

Another factor to consider when choosing commercial lock replacement is whether or not your building uses a master key system. If you do, then it will be necessary to repin your replacement lock so that it matches the existing pins in the master wafer. This is a process that should be performed by an experienced professional, and should only be undertaken in a controlled environment, with access to the proper tools.

Commercial lock upgrade options can include anti-picking protections, bump guards, and hardened steel pins that defend against drill attacks. The best way to choose which upgrades are suitable for your business is to consult with a certified locksmith that is familiar with the various lock systems.

In the end, a Commercial lock change can be one of the most worthwhile investments you make for your business. It will increase your peace of mind and the safety of your employees and inventory, as well as protect your inventory, equipment, and documents from theft or damage.

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