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The yugioh card game is a highly strategic trading card game played between two players. Each player uses a collection of Monster, Spell, and Trap cards to destroy their opponent’s monsters and reduce their Life Points to 0 in order to win the duel. The game is complex, but rewarding for those who understand the rules and have a strong desire to learn.

Before a Duel, the players must prepare their cards by shuffling and cutting them. Then, they must arrange the cards into the proper zones on the table. The left and right side of the field are the Monster zone and the center is for spell and trap cards. The Extra Deck is a separate zone where you store cards that aren’t in your Main Deck, but are still compatible with your current monsters. This includes cards that are labeled as “Fusion,” “Synchro,” or “Xyz” in the card text.

During the duel, the first player takes their turn. During this phase, they can perform limited actions specified on their cards, and the monsters they control come into play in battle position. The monsters can then attack the opponent’s monsters or use their effects. At the end of this phase, the players announce the start of the End Phase and resolve any cards that triggered during their turn.

Each player has a Main Deck, an Extra Deck, and a Side Deck. The main deck must contain 40 to 60 cards, while the Extra Deck can be filled with Xyz, Synchro, or Fusion monsters. The Side Deck can be used to hold any cards that might be added to the main deck between duels, but aren’t needed in a particular duel.

Then, there are the Spell and Trap cards, which support your monsters in battle by providing a variety of effects. These are generally played face-up and activated on your opponent’s turn, but can also be Set (played face-down to be activated on a later turn) or Quick-Play Spells, which can be played by targeting a monster and activating them immediately.

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