Sunday 21st April 2024
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Norcold refrigerators are designed to be tough and are often used in rough off road situations. Their gas absorption refrigeration units use propane or electricity (a Norcold fridge automatically switches to propane when the power goes out) as their energy source. These units are quieter than traditional residential refrigerators and can run without a generator.

When replacing a cooling unit in a Norcold RV there is an important step that needs to be done before installing the new refrigeration system. The back side of the evaporator foam needs to be sealed with a product called thermal mastic. This mastic is used to seal and bond the back of the evaporator and freezer to the cabinet space.

It is not uncommon for the cooling unit to be reinstalled incorrectly and then to have problems. We see this a lot because some manufacturers of refrigeration systems have instructions that call for the mastic to be applied around the gap between the evaporator and the pocket. That is the wrong thing to do because the mastic is a thermal conductor and not an insulator.

The mastic should be scraped off and the area cleaned well before installing the new refrigeration system. If there is a problem with the boiler temperature sensor it should also be reinstalled according to the instructions. The fridge should be run for about a week before being turned on. This will allow the new evaporator to get up to operating temperature and mix all of the chemicals. norcold cooling units

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