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In 2019 the iconic Prada nylon East West tote made a blockbuster comeback, but the company has been selling these bags for almost half a century. It’s no wonder the bag remains a favorite among fashion editors, celebrities, and street-style stars — it strikes just the right balance between on-trend and timeless. Plus, it impeccably withstands daily wear and tear.

The brand’s Tessuto fabric, a double-woven nylon that Miuccia Prada took inspiration from durable parachutes, is known for its subtle sheen and ability to resist water damage. It also has a unique quality that allows marks and scuffs to be wiped away with a cloth, making it a staple for fashion lovers on-the-go.

Another classic Prada bag is the Galleria, a pared-back leather zip-top tote that debuted in 2007. The design was a sober answer to the era’s flashy It bags, and it quickly became a favorite of women seeking a more cerebral accessory. The bag has since been featured in movies and even inspired an artistic series of short films by Autumn de Wilde, further cementing its status as a style icon.

To ensure a true Prada bag, look for the logo stamp inside the interior pocket. The identifying information should be embossed on either a triangle logo plaque or, in small and mini bags, on a leather tag. The enamel on the logo should perfectly match the exterior material of the bag. If the stamp is etched in plastic or cloth, it’s a fake. prada bag

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