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Cylinder lights are a fun way to add both directional downlighting and accent lighting to your commercial or residential space. They are used in a wide variety of applications from retail to restaurant spaces, where they provide creative flair with bursts of light to draw attention. Cylinder LED lights can be mounted in a variety of ways based on your location and the desired effect.

Some cylinder lights are designed as recessed downlights, which mount in the ceiling with traditional stem mounding, while others are surface-mounted for lower-ceiling use. Cylinder lights are also popular as wall sconces, where they can be used to downlight walls, stairways or other features and produce an elegant glow that can add a sophisticated aura to your space.

These lights can also be hung as pendants, which hang from a chain or rod and are often paired with a glass shade to create a decorative fixture that will accent your space with both downlighting and an ambient glow. Cylinder LED pendants can be configured to include uplighting as well, so they are a great choice for retail displays or cafe tables where you want both downlight and accent lighting.

In addition to a variety of mounting options, these lights come in a number of lumen outputs to accommodate your space and lighting needs. Generally speaking, the larger the space, the higher the lumens you will need to adequately illuminate it. We recommend using a lighting calculator to help you determine the optimal lumens needed to illuminate your space.

While LEDs are a solid-state technology, they still produce some heat when they operate. This heat must be properly managed to ensure that the LEDs operate within their rated life span and do not overheat. Many of the LED lighting products we carry feature advanced thermal management systems that utilize a unique combination of components to manage heat production and dissipation.

One of the biggest differences between LEDs and other forms of lighting is that LEDs are directional. While halogens and CFLs pass electricity through filaments or gases, LEDs are solid-state devices that generate light with semiconductors. These semiconductors are covered with a phosphor material to produce the white light we all recognize in our homes and businesses.

LEDs are more compact than traditional bulbs, which allows them to be positioned in smaller, more discreet fixtures. They are also more energy efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. They also do not contain any harmful mercury like halogens and CFLs, making them safer to handle than other types of lighting.

With their sleek design and versatile mounting options, LED cylinder lights are an excellent choice for both commercial and modern residential applications. They can be positioned as accent lighting, recessed downlights or even pendants, and they come in a variety of finishes to match your interior decor. With the right configuration, they can enhance your interiors with a contemporary feel that will complement any style.

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