Sunday 21st April 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Diamonds are girls’ best friends. True to the core. They are reliable proposal and wedding gifts. This rock from the heart of mother earth has won many hearts and unfailingly generates an affirmative without second chances. So, if you want to woo your spouse for a perfect date, then diamonds are just made for it. So, why does a diamond generate so much interest in a woman’s life? An approximate answer would be the following; women feel elated when they are treated with the best. Nevertheless, diamonds are the best among the gems in the world. Their shine and colour are too much to resist and adds an elegance to one’s personality. So, let us see some techniques for our love struck enthusiast to entice his lady love.

Decide on the budget: Since this is once in a lifetime chance, pack your valet to its full(or get a bigger valet ), and go on the shopping spree to get the first best buy (or so perhaps..) in your life.

Decide the jeweler: Experience and expertise in the diamond industry is indispensable when you choose a jeweler. Get an assurance, or better more a certification of the stone that is set for your lady love.

Choose the design: Instead of going by the latest trends, go by your instincts. If you are going to surprise her with your proposal, then it is a bit difficult to decide on her taste and importantly, her ring size. Take discreet notes of her liking of a stone setting and the material she would like it to be set on. The rage is platinum, for its unshakable quality and value over the years. So, take adequate precautions to see that the size and shape are perfect. Select the one that is close to your heart and will undoubtedly impress your girlfriend. You don’t want to paint a poor picture of yourself, would you?

At last, choose the STONE: Diamonds come in different cuts. The more the cuts, the more angles it takes and the glitter is astonishing. Light takes heavenly modifications when it passes through these diamonds and only her smile can be more appealing. These stones come in varied shapes. For instance, round, princess, marquise, pear, cushion, radiant, heart, oval, emerald and trillion to name a few. These are some of the traditional and modern cutting silhouettes mastered over the years. Of all, the marquise cut is the most sought after, for its elegance and stylishness; one needn’t to inherit blue blood to flaunt these gems.

Marquise cut is a majestic, elongated cut which tapers at both ends. It camouflages the flaw of short fingers, making it appear lengthier. When you choose a marquise cut, see to it that the stone is much is much bigger than the width of the ring on which it is set. This is the conventional formula for setting a diamond. But, preferences may vary according to individuals; keep in mind that it looks in good proportion and taste;(you can brag about the efforts you underwent to finally decide on such an awesome setting)

So folks, just keep these basics right. Hold shoulders high, (some prefer the kneeling posture), have a glowing smile. Try to look earnest and confident. More importantly, find the right finger to slide down the ring (or find the right girl who fits into the ring.. diamond painting eigenes bild

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