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Industrial air purifier is used to cleanse the air quality throughout a plant, manufacturing unit or even in specific areas where different processes generate particulates, fumes and vapors. These systems help to reduce the impact on health, extend equipment life and provide safe and healthy work conditions for employees.

An air filtration system works by sucking the dirty air in and then pumps out clean air. This is done with a series of filters that have been specially designed for different tasks, such as electrostatic or active carbon filters. The filters trap dust, germs and smoke and make sure that nothing escapes. They also work to reduce odors from factories and restaurants.

The global industrial air purifiers market is growing rapidly due to the increase in health concerns, especially with respect to indoor pollution. Besides this, the demand for high-performance industrial air purifiers is driven by rising safety requirements in different industries.

Moreover, the novel coronavirus has proven to be airborne, resulting in its spreading fast and infecting people in enclosed spaces like offices, hotels, gyms and restaurants. Therefore, sanitizing the air has become a priority for many public places and the best way to do that is through an industrial air purifier.

Industrial air filtration systems help to keep the indoor air free from germs and contaminants such as odor, smoke and dust. This helps to prevent infections, reduce the amount of sick days and absenteeism in a workplace. An industrial air filtration system can also save money in the long run by extending the life of expensive electronic equipment and reducing the need for maintenance or replacement.

Euromate has a wide range of industrial air purifiers to suit your needs. We specialise in providing air cleaning and filtration systems for large industrial complexes across Australia. We offer products like the Levoit Core 600S, which is a commercial grade air purifier that will effectively remove dust, smoke, odor and oil from large rooms. It has a MERV value of 11 and will capture particles from 0.1 to 1 micron.

We also have a range of other industrial air purifiers for different situations. If you need a solution for tobacco smoke, we have the Smokemaster X-400 Commercial Smoke Eater Electrostatic Air Cleaner. It will trap cigarette and cigar smoke and remove odor from your business. It has a MERV value and can filter smoke up to 5 times per hour.

We also have a wide range of HEPA filters that are ideal for hospitals, as they can remove germs and bacteria from the air in the wards and operating rooms. HEPA filters are also useful for improving asthma symptoms. If you’re looking for an industrial air purifier for your business, contact us at Fluid Aire Dynamics today. Our sales team will be happy to assist you. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality, cost effective and reliable solutions for their air filtration and ventilation systems. Our clients include a variety of businesses including restaurants, factories, warehouses and offices.

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