Friday 24th May 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Matter Residences is a freehold condominium located at 7 Matter Road in district 14. Developed by L.K.Ang Construction, this low-rise 5-storey condominium has a total of 26 units.

Matter isn’t a smart home platform — it’s just the language that devices talk to each other. Devices from different brands can be connected through Matter, and then the automations that you set up with a smart home app will run on those devices. So you’ll still use your preferred smart home app, but now you’ll be able to tell that plug to turn on the lamp when you lock the door, or that the lights will dim when you turn off the alarm system.

In addition to making things simpler and more interoperable, Matter is also focused on boosting the security of smart home devices. It uses Thread, a low-power mesh networking technology that provides backup if the Internet goes down or your Wi-Fi network experiences interference. Thread uses AES encryption, backed up by banking-standard public-key cryptography.

Because of that, CSA believes the tech is more secure than other smart home protocols. So much so, that it’s requiring manufacturers to support Matter or prepare for over-the-air updates that enable Matter compatibility in their products. The alliance members and participants read like a who’s who of the smart home world, with Amazon, Apple, Google, GE, Samsung SmartThings, Legrand, Signify, Nanoleaf, Mui Labs and Schneider Electric all on board. And the list of Matter-certified devices is long and growing, ranging from lighting and appliances to thermostats and HVAC controls, sensors, connected locks and window and blind systems. matter residences

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