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New Dometic Units for RV, Travel Trailer and Camper Air Conditioning

Whether you’re an experienced or first-time RVer, you’ll want to know about the new RV air conditioner options out there. norcold These units can make your RV trip much more comfortable, especially when it’s hot outside.

The best RV air conditioners are lightweight, quiet, and easy to install in any type of roof cutout. They can be a significant upgrade over your existing RV rooftop AC system, and they’ll save you money on energy costs.

For many RVers, an air conditioning unit is a must-have for summer travels in the great outdoors. Luckily, the RV industry has evolved to include a wide variety of air conditioning options that fit any budget.

One of the most popular and affordable is a Dometic Brisk II model that’s been around for over 15 years. It’s lightweight and quiet, and uses dampening brackets to reduce vibrations.

The Brisk II also comes with a two-year warranty.

Another option is an RV air conditioner that’s designed specifically for the industry, like the FreshJet 3 Series by Dometic. It’s 14% lighter than previous models and uses a special unity to provide uniform temperatures and even circulation throughout your coach, the company says.

12V DC RV Air Conditioners

A number of companies have recently started producing 12V DC AC units that can be powered by a small battery bank. These systems are great for those who live or camp off the grid, as they can be run entirely from solar power or other battery sources.

Nomadic Cooling offers a couple of 12V DC air conditioning options, the RTX1000 and the RTX2000. Both of these units use high-efficiency compressors, which are capable of running completely off of 12V power.

These air conditioners come with a battery bank that provides a full day of operating time on a single charge. Both of these units are able to operate in both Eco and Power mode, with the latter mode being more useful for long-term operation.

Unlike some of the other units on our list, Dometic’s RTX1000 and RTX2000 units have an interior rooftop opening that’s larger than typical. This will require an extra installation kit and wiring to properly mount the units in your rooftop.

The RTX1000 weighs 52.8 lbs and the RTX2000 weighs 72.6 lbs. Both are rated at 13,500 BTUs, so they’ll keep your RV cool without having to run your generator.

12V DC ACs are still a relatively new product category, but they’re starting to gain popularity among the RV community. These units are built on high-efficiency compressors and will work off of 12V power to keep your RV cool while you’re boondocking or living in the great outdoors.

They can run off of 12V DC power alone, or they can be paired with a separate battery pack that will help them stay powered up during the summer. Nomadic Cooling recommends using lithium batteries, as they’re more efficient than standard lithium AA batteries, and have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

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