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A conviction for OUI (often referred to as DUI or DWI in other states) can result in serious penalties, including prison time, driver’s license suspension and heavy fines. Even a first offense can have significant repercussions, particularly in Massachusetts where the state’s harsh drunk driving laws were made even more severe by the 2005 enactment of Melanie’s Law.

If you have been arrested for alleged OUI, an experienced Boston OUI Defense lawyer is the best choice to help defend your rights and freedoms. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation and to discuss how we can help you.

OUI Defense
An experienced attorney can help you avoid jail and minimize the impact of a criminal record on your life. We can challenge the evidence in your case, such as arguing that the police officer lacked probable cause to pull you over or that the breath test equipment was improperly calibrated. We can also argue that the state’s witnesses are unreliable or biased. Finally, we can work to minimize the consequences of your OUI charge, such as advocating for alternative sentencing options or expungement possibilities in the future.

Our attorneys have years of experience defending clients against OUI charges. We understand that you are worried about what will happen to your career, how your friends and family will perceive the situation and how a conviction for OUI will affect your family’s finances. In many cases, we can arrange for a plea agreement with the prosecution that will result in a reduced sentence or a lower fine, especially if you have no prior convictions.

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