Thursday 23rd May 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

In my last article I talked about the Family Bed Co Sleeper and about the fact that my wife and I can now cosleep with our 10-month old baby and not worry about him rolling off the bed. This is one of the best co sleeper products on the market; however, there are a couple things you need to be aware of when you purchase your co sleeper pillow.

First, once your baby is old enough to crawl, do not leave him or her in the bed alone. Once they wake up they may be able to crawl over the pillow and off the bed. So, while the co sleeper pillow prevents your baby from rolling of the bed, it will not prevent your baby from crawling over the pillow if they are able to do so.

Second, the flannel sheet that spreads out across the bed will probably not cover the entire bed. It’s not meant to. It’s just supposed to be big enough for mom and baby to sleep on. However, when my wife and I put the co sleeper pillow on our bed the end of the flannel sheet was right where I lay on the bed which was not comfortable for me. (It’s a thick sheet. If you run into that same problem, just fold the flannel sheet under itself until it is no longer where the father sleeps and is under only mom and baby.

These are two minor annoyances that I thought I should point out. Overall, my wife and I love the Family Bed Co Sleeper Pillow. It allows us to get a much better nights sleep than if we weren’t co sleeping. It is so much easier for my wife to feed the baby since she is breast feeding him. She just moves from side to side to change feeding positions throughout the night. With our first child we did not co sleep and getting a good nights sleep was much more difficult.

There are other types of co sleeper products such as bassinets that can be placed right next to your bed. These bassinets work well also. However, my wife and I like the fact that with the co sleeper pillow, our little guy cannot get trapped or stuck between the product and the bed, which can happen with other co sleeper products.

It is important for moms to get as much sleep as they can so they can keep their sanity. This is one of the best co sleeper products on the market today. It’s safe, effective, and doctor recommended. The manufacturer, Bean Products, does a wonderful job of making a high quality product that you can use as a body pillow once you are done co sleeping with your baby. Learn more about this co sleeper product for more information. You and your baby deserve a good nights rest. co sleeper bassinet for tall bed

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