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do you know how to make your home more bright and attractive

1 Principle of simple

The lamps are set up to make your room brighter and more attractive. Therefore if they are designed with too complex modeling or multifarious color, then they will not suitable to those rooms which with the sample designs.

2 Principle of convenience

Would you please tell us whether you have experienced the embarrassment for the replacement of the lamp? When there are some problems with the lamp, in order to check the problems or replace them, you have to step a chair, and then step on a table, and keep your head high 90 degrees, furthermore, you need to raise you hands to touch the lamp. These steps are dangerous, and boring. Therefore in order to avoid these troubles, when you are selecting the lamps, please take a full consideration on the convenience of lamp replacement.

3 Principle of energy-saving

There are a lot of advantages for the energy-saving light bulb. It can save the energy, give out the bright light, and it will not send out too much heat. It is most applicable for the bull lamp. The energy-saving light bulb is equipped with the standing screw, while the pendant lamp has two difficult kinds of specifications on the screw. One of them is standard, so this category can be used with energy-saving light bulb. Another category is the non-standard. One more thing to note: most of the spotlights are not energy-saving products

4 Principle of the safety

For the safety of yourself and your families, please buy the lamps from the normal manufacturers. The normal products are marked with the total load, and then according to the load of the total load, you can determine the wattages of the bulb which is applicable. There are heavy humidity in the washing room and the kitchen, so you need choose the waterproof lamps for them.

5 Principle of functions

The lamps have different styles and brightness, so different rooms should be installed with different lamps. The living room needs to be decorated with the bright and splendid light; as you need to have rest in the bed room, so the light in this room can not make you feel dazzling. As the paradise of children, their room needs to be decorated with the diversified and colorful light. Some special places, such as the place where you store your wines, you can install a spotlight. small touch bedside lamps

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