Friday 14th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Grip socks are a new addition to more and more soccer players’ equipment bags. And it’s no surprise why – they offer a number of performance advantages that are making them an attractive choice for athletes who take their game seriously.

Soccer grip socks work by increasing friction between your foot and the inside of your boot, reducing movement inside the shoe. They are made with specialized materials that generate a high level of adhesion between the sock and the inner sole, so you get maximum grip when twisting your foot in different directions.

This increases the comfort of your boots and also improves your control of the ball. It’s especially important when playing on wet or slippery fields, where slipping can easily lead to injury.

Another benefit of grip socks is that they can help prevent blisters. This is because they reduce sweating of the feet, which can often lead to blisters when wearing a tight pair of boots. Moreover, they are usually designed with extra cushioning to prevent your feet from hitting the top of your boots.

Many players have been seen wearing grip socks in their games, most notably Raheem Sterling and Eric Dier of England, Dele Alli of Germany, and Heung-min Son of South Korea. They are typically worn under a regular pair of knee high soccer socks, with the player cutting their team socks to replace them with grip socks when they play. There are now a number of brands producing grip socks, including Nike and Adidas. Some of them offer a range of colors to match the color of your shoes, and are easy to combine with your favorite soccer team kit. soccer grip socks

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