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If your hair is stiff and crunches when you touch it then it is time to take a good look at the ingredients that are in your hair products. If alcohol is listed as the first or second ingredient then it is time to find some new hair care products. Alcohol dries out your hair and prolonged use will damage your hair so you want to look for alcohol free hair products. If your hair is color-treated you’ll want to avoid alcohol-laden hair products to minimize dryness.

To add texture to your hair the best product I could find on the market is Redken 05 Touch Control Volumizing Texture Whip. As an added bonus, this product leaves your hair very shiny and not at all sticky or stiff, yet holds your hair in place. Another excellent volumizing alcohol free product is Mousse Plus by Nexxus. It adds lanolin and amino acids to your hair while holding it in place and pumping it up.

If you are looking for a product that will shine your hair, check out Silque Hair Shine. This alcohol free product treats frizzy and damaged hair while adding shine and luster. Aveeda makes a line of products called Pure-Fume Brilliant. All of the products smell spectacularly and are alcohol free. I recommend the Thermal Styling Crème for shine and smoothing wild hair.

Try Hempz Firm Hold Shaping Spray if you need serious hold. The product contains hemp seed oil, which makes your hair soft and touchable, yet still holds your style in place. Consider buying Biotera products too because they have a nice line of moisturizing hair products. The Biotera Styling Gel adds lift and holds your hair.

You can get some really great natural products for your hair that is alcohol free as well. Honeybee Gardens makes an organic hair spray that holds your hair in place without adding and lacquer. I like Aloe Hair Spray by CWS. Just spray a little on your roots to add body to your tresses. oribe hair products

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