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Black is the color that will never be out-fashioned. It is the color that has been popularly used in different industries, occasions, and of several people. Black is very well-loved because when used for attires, it makes the one wearing it look thinner. If you are using or wearing black, it makes you appear like a strong and strict person, which is mostly related to a bad character if overly used. It suits all skin color, and body shapes. Also, when a person is wearing black, she emanates power, authority, and creativity.

The color black is also great for bags, including diaper bags. Diaper bags are mostly worn over Mom’s shoulders. That is why the diaper bag is also Mom’s own bag. So, if Mom will buy a baby bag, it means buying herself a bag that would suit her anytime and anywhere even if she doesn’t have her baby with her. And Moms can achieve it through buying black baby bags.

Timi and Leslie bags come in different colors. But most of their best products are in black. Timi and Leslie diaper bags are very popular among mommies who love sturdy and fashionable diaper bags. Here are some of Timi and Leslie bags in black that moms will surely love.

Baby Jane Diaper Bag

Here is an elegant looking bag which is made of faux leather. It is very functional with its multiple compartments inside and outside. This bag includes a small pouch or Pouchette with matching color and design. It may be used by Mom as a place to securely place her necessities in. This bag may be hung on the stroller because it has stroller straps that may be adjusted according to your desired height. And it has insulated bottle holders for baby’s milk bottles to stay warm for around five minutes.

Camilia Duffle Diaper Bag

Now, here’s a stylish duffle bag for mommies. This duffle baby bag is made of lightweight nylon that is creatively quilted. It has six small pockets inside for additional secured places for your necessities. This bag has a key holder so Moms will not be bothered by lost keys. It also has a Pouchette for Mom’s small things. The diaper changing mat included in the bag has small pockets in it for baby’s diapers and wet wipes.

The Violette Tote Diaper Bag

This bag by Timi and Leslie is made of faux snakeskin. This tote has double handle straps made of PVC. This baby bag suits moms who only needs to carry with her the important necessities. This is also a great bag for moms who are on the go to work or any activity after caring for baby. This is also a fashionable bag because of its embossed snakeskin which is very in style right now.

The Marilyn II Satchel Diaper Bag

When you just look at it, it doesn’t appear to be a diaper bag. It looks like a bag of a working mom at the office. But due to Timi and Leslie’s conventional ideas, this bag is now a perfect baby bag for all mommies. This bag is made of faux leather. It has several pockets inside and outside for more spaces to put your necessities in. This bag has very spacious interiors. It also has a matching Pouchette for Mom’s small things. michael kors women’s bag

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