Sunday 21st July 2024
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Water leaks are one of the most common home disasters, causing thousands in damage and resulting in costly repairs. Fortunately, smart leak detectors can help keep you on top of things.

These detectors monitor for moisture and temperature changes and alert you when they detect water or freezing temperatures. They are usually installed near toilets, water heaters and boilers, sinks, washing machines and refrigerators. They are also useful in basements, attics and crawl spaces prone to leaks from leaking rainwater or melted snow.

Some models like the Flo smart water leak detection system are designed to shut off your main water supply remotely when it senses a leak. Others, such as the Nest Cam IQ Indoor Flood Sensor, have an integrated camera that can zoom in on the source of a leak.

Another model that can shut off your water supply is the iHome iLeak Wireless Alarm Water Sensor, which works by detecting changes in water pressure. You can pair it with a separate water meter that measures your home’s actual water usage.

Some models that track your water usage use a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your smartphone or tablet. These sensors can be useful in households with limited data upload speed, but you’ll need a separate water meter for the system to work properly. Others, such as the Phyn Plus, don’t connect to Wi-Fi and rely on your home’s in-home network for updates. This device may not be suitable for homes with high-speed internet, as it can use up to 200 Megabytes of data per day. Top 10 leak detectors

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