Thursday 23rd May 2024
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Fire fighting pumps are an essential part of many fixed-place fire suppression systems such as fire sprinklers, standpipes and foam systems. They are also a critical component integrated into fire trucks and fire boats, and serve the same purpose of boosting water supply pressures for firefighting hose operations. Fire pumps are powered most commonly by an electric motor, and occasionally by a diesel engine or even a steam turbine.

When a fire starts it’s important that firefighters have access to a portable fire pump that can help fight the flames until the local fire department arrives. A fire fighting water pump is designed to be transported by vehicle, truck or plane and provide high-performance water pressure to the fire hoses.

SPIEDR offers a variety of different types of portable fire fighting pump that can be used in any type of emergency situation. Our fire pumps are built and manufactured using the latest technological advances and innovations, and are certified to meet NFPA standards.

Hale’s high pressure fire fighting pumps are ideal for wildland firefighting applications. With maximum pressures of 220-375 PSI and a range of capacities and flow rates, these pumps can deliver long distances of water through high elevation areas with ease. They’re designed for low-maintenance operation with fewer wear parts and a simpler design, so you can focus on the task at hand and not the pump maintenance. The hydraulic design of these pumps also allows them to operate with a minimum amount of power. portable fire fighting pump

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