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A good quality RV refrigerator is one of the most important appliances for comfortable and enjoyable RV camping. Understanding how your fridge works, and the different types available can help you make a well-informed decision on which refrigerator is best for your particular rig.

Absorption Fridges
This type of RV refrigerator uses an absorber to heat the water and ammonia solution, which then cools down the food inside the refrigerator. It is able to operate using electricity or propane gas, or both. Many manufacturers also include an auto feature that will switch to propane if it senses that the cooling process is taking too long, or if there is no electrical power.

Residential Fridges
These are more commonly found in manufactured homes, and are often called 2-way or dual-fuel RV refrigerators because they can be powered by both propane gas and AC electricity. They are a popular choice for those who want the option of both propane and electric power when they camp, especially those who do a lot of off-grid boondocking and prefer to not have to refill a propane tank.

Keep in mind, however, that these refrigerators use a lot of electricity and may drain your rig’s battery reserves if not used sparingly or when hooked up to an alternative power source like solar. They are also known to overheat if stuffed too tightly, so be sure to limit the amount of time you open the door and consider adding a small refrigerator fan to help with air circulation. It’s also a good idea to defrost your absorption fridge on a regular basis and not overfill it so that the temperature inside remains below food safe levels. rv refrigeration

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