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Does it look like somebody spilled coffee on your roofing system? An unclean roof can take away from the beauty of a gorgeous house. Unlike the inside of your house,

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 the exterior is exposed for everyone to see and it can reflect on your image. Roof cleaning is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance the beauty of your property! here are some FAQs about roof cleaning!

How long does the cleaning process take? The roof cleaning process usually takes about two or three hours. The time it takes to clean your roofing system depends on the size of your home. The results are immediate.

Why are there black streaks on my roof shingles? Black streaks on roof shingles are caused by algae. All roof types are susceptible to algae infestation. As the algae grow, they generate more algae, until your entire roofing system is discolored.

Can algae damage my roof? Absolutely. The moisture the algae hold increases rotting and loosen the granules, shortening the life of your roof shingles. After a roof cleaner cleans your roof, it will remain algae free for up to four years.

Will pressure washing damage my roof? Pressure washing can destroy your roof and void your manufacturer’s warranty. Pressure washing dislodges the protective granules from the surface of the roof shingles. Keep in mind that professional roof cleaners use low-pressure cleaning methods. Their equipment has less pressure than a garden hose and it won’t damage your roof.

Do contractors use safe products? Roof cleaners use cleaning products that are safe for the environment, shrubs, grass, people, and pets. Their cleaning products do not contain harsh chemicals. Their cleaning solutions are strong enough to destroy the algae and they won’t damage your shingles.

Does algae and mold pose a health danger? Not all algae and mold pose a health danger. However, some are harmful for children, seniors, and people who suffer from respiratory problems. Mold growth can lead to toxicity and allergies. Any mold growth should be taken care of, regardless of the species. Like other spores, algae become airborne. Individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies can be affected by airborne spores.

The bottom line is that keeping your roof clean will reduce your carbon print and extend the life of your roof. If you want your roof to shine, contact a professional roof cleaning professional in your area. After the treatment, you will be amazed by how elegant your roof looks! roof cleaning in poole

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