Sunday 21st April 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

The injection molder contains very high technological information. It contains various of parts. If you do not pay more attention to the care and maintenance in the using of the injection molding, it would prone to have the phenomenon of damage and corrosion which could cause economic losses of thousands or even millions of dollars. Therefore, the engineer from the best injection molding company in china which website is has reminded of us that we should pay special attention to the process of mold maintenance to ensure the quality of the long-term use of china injection molding. We should give detailed cards to each injection molder which could have the biographical detail records, statistics and its use and damage. The detailed information could help us find which parts and components had damaged. Thid would help us increase the working productivity.

The company Duratec has said that the processing enterprise shall test a variety of performance of the injection molding when the injection molding machine is in normal operation and the they should finally measure the dimension of these molded plastics parts. Through this information, the engineer could determine the current state of the 2-color injection molding. On the other hand, they could also identify damage condition of the cavity, core, cooling systems and sub-surface. According to the information provided by the plastic parts, we could determine the corrupted state as well as repair measures.

Thirdly, we should focus on tracking and detection for several important parts of the plastic injection molding. The role of the top out and the guide parts is to ensure the opening and closing of the injection molder. If any part of them stuck due to injury, it will result in discontinued. So we should always check the ejector rod and guide posts and determine whether they have existed deformation and surface damage. Once you discover them, you should promptly replace the bad one.

Fourth, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the surface of the injection molder. The quality of the surface would directly affect the surface quality. The focus of the maintenance is to prevent corrosion. When the plastic injection molding has completed the production tasks, you should take a different approach based on different injection molding to carefully remove residual. The available tools have included the copper rod, copper wire and soapy water which could help us remove residual and other deposits in plastic injection mold. It has been forbidden to us wire, steel bars and other hard objects to clean the injection molder. They could produce the scratching on the surface. plastic injection molding

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