Friday 14th June 2024
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A popular type of screw in many industries, the allen head screw (or hex bolt) has a socketed head that fits an Allen key, a small handheld and manually operated tool used for installing or removing supported fasteners. These tools are among the simplest and easiest to use for any job, requiring no power tools or special bits. We have a wide range of standard sizes, but can also manufacture special products to order.

Like most screws and bolts, socket head cap screws are a threaded fastener that generate a compressive load, which can resist lateral movement or rotation and can stand up to vibration. They’re also some of the strongest fasteners available and easy to install using a wrench or screwdriver, which helps make them a favorite for industrial projects and assembly lines.

But what sets these specific fasteners apart is the head that houses a hexagonal socket, which allows you to tighten or remove them with an allen key. This feature helps them to be ideal for applications that have limited space around the head of the fastener, where a conventional wrench might not fit.

Often seen in machines and vehicles, allen head screws also come in different styles and materials, such as metal and stainless steel, which give them the strength required to perform any task. They can be fully threaded or partially threaded, which depends on the application and how much tension is needed to hold something in place. allen head screw

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