Thursday 20th June 2024
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The level of durability is very high when compared to other kinds of doors, for example those made from either wood or PVC. Composite doors are tough as tough as can be. There are several valid reasons as to why you need to consider a composite door for your home or workplace.

Compare a composite door to a wooden door for example. The negative side to wooden doors is their limited durability. They will quickly succumb to the elements and so need re-coating with a protective barrier every so often, like a varnish or oil based paint, which only have limited weatherproofing properties and a limited lifespan. You will never have to repaint a composite door, as their skins are resistant against any type of weather, extreme heat and cold climatic conditions. Their UV stable coating means that their colour finish should not fade, ever.

Whereas a wooden door offers poor insulation from the cold, a PVC door is somewhat better but few people realize that they are just filled with polystyrene! Compare this to a composite door which is filled with materials typically offering six times the insulation properties.

The frame of a composite door can even be steel reinforced and all composite doors come coated with a reinforced plastic (actually, a ‘polymer’) that looks and feels like wood. They do not dent and are very hard to scratch or disfigure in any way, another benefit of their strength.

A few benefits given by the composite doors manufacturing process:

  • They are very sturdy and durable compared to other doors like PVC or wooden.
  • They are weather proof, sturdy and hard to damage.
  • Homes situated in harsh climates, with extreme cold or hot temperatures and those living in wet climates (like good old England!) will benefit most from having a composite door.
  • They are insulated well beyond the specifications of other types of door, which means that they will help to reduce energy bills (and so contribute to reducing your carbon footprint).
  • Due to their increased strength they can support much stronger and more sophisticated locks and heavier, longer lasting handles and door knockers.

In summary, yes, they may be a little more expensive than other door options, but they are built to last, are maintenance free and will look better for longer. conservatories cardiff

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