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Electricians are trained to conduct electrical repairs and installations following equipment standards and specifications. They can help homeowners install speaker wirings, phone jacks, and surge protection equipment. They can also fix ceiling fans and light fixtures.

An electrician can also upgrade AFCI and circuit breakers. They can install recessed lights, smoke detectors, and generator transfer switches.

Safety Inspections

A routine electrical inspection is a necessary step in maintaining your home’s safety. A professional electrician will scour your entire electrical system for potential problems that may lead to dangerous conditions in your house, such as fire or electrocution. This service can help keep your family safe and save money in the long run by identifying issues like broken or worn out wiring.

Electrical appliances are a vital part of modern living, but they can also pose hazards if not used correctly. For instance, large electrical appliances such as window air conditioning units should be plugged into a grounded wall outlet rather than an extension cord. It’s also important to plug only one appliance into a receptacle at a time to avoid overheating and fires.

Faulty breaker panels are another common safety issue. They act as both operators and safeguards for your electricity, but if they’re too old or damaged, they can lead to overheating, which can cause equipment failure and even fires. An experienced electrician can identify faulty breaker panels and recommend upgrades to ensure your safety.

An electric repair company in Clearwater offers a wide range of services, including repairing aluminum wires and installing lighting fixtures. The technicians at Midway Services are ACE certified and can assist with heating, cooling, and plumbing repairs as well. They can also perform electrical inspections and provide surge protection solutions.


Electricity is at the center of everything that makes a house or building function. It lights rooms, powers critical appliances, keeps our computers connected to the internet, and more. However, working on electrical systems can be dangerous without proper training and equipment. That’s why you should call a professional for any electrical repair or installation work.

The team of electricians at Mister Sparky provides various services for residential and commercial properties in Clearwater, FL. They are licensed to perform all types of electrical repairs and upgrades following equipment standards and specifications. Moreover, they can conduct inspections on circuit breakers and switches. They can also install recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

If your breaker keeps tripping, you may need a replacement. This is a fairly complex project that requires disabling all branches and checking for currents before removing the old breaker. It is best to have a certified electrician do the job.

Izzo Electric is a locally owned company that serves clients in Clearwater, FL, and the surrounding areas. Its electricians are trained to conduct electrical inspections and repairs on aluminum wires, electrical panels, and ceiling fans. They can also help with other projects, such as repairing fuses and GFCI outlets. The company has been in business since 1993 and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel (or breaker box) is the central hub that distributes power to various rooms and appliances in your home. The entire system relies on this critical hub for everything from lights to computers, so any issues with it will impact multiple parts of your property. Moreover, this hardwired equipment is extremely dangerous to handle without the help of trained professionals.

When you notice a flickering light, recurrent power surges, or frequent breakers that trip, these are signs that your electrical panel is overloaded and needs to be upgraded. It may also be time to install new fuses or circuit breakers if your house has been built before the 1970s. Old fuses will melt or blow when overloaded, which is a fire hazard for your property.

Located in Clearwater, Montgomery Electrical Services is a two-person company that offers residential and commercial electrical services. Their electricians specialize in breaker box replacement, swimming pool electric hook-ups, lighting and fan installations, and more. They also provide 75+ point safety evaluations and answer calls 24/7. They use drug-tested and background-checked workers. They are licensed and insured.

Generator Installation

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it may be best to invest in a generator to ensure that you can stay safe and secure. This generator will keep your home running without interruption during a storm, providing enough power to keep your household functioning normally. Your electrician can help you determine how much electricity your home needs and install the right generator for your needs.

The licensed electricians at ONYX Electric handle electrical installations, repair and service upgrades, full rewiring, lighting and generator services, and safety inspections. They are experienced in installing GFCI outlets and grounding systems. They also install recessed lighting and ceiling fans, as well as swimming pool electrical hook-ups. Their team is available 24/7 and specializes in residential and commercial properties.

Founded in 1991, Kazar’s Electric Incorporated provides electrical system installation, maintenance, and repair services. Their technicians can repair and replace tattered wiring, old service panels, faulty light fixtures, standard 2/3 prong outlets, and doorbells. They can also assist homeowners in locating fuses and replacing blown fuses.

Positricity is a full-service electrical contractor that serves residential and commercial clients in Clearwater and surrounding areas. Its team of electrical engineers can analyze a client’s home to see how many appliances it has, the size of its HVAC system, and how much power it requires to function properly. They can then recommend the correct generator for the home, making sure it is capable of keeping all of its appliances powered during an outage. Electrical Panel Upgrade

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