Thursday 25th July 2024
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Thermal Paste helps your CPU dissipate heat faster, which improves performance and keeps your CPU cooler. It can also help your system last longer, as high temperatures can cause damage over time. There are a lot of thermal pastes out there, but only a few really excel in both ease of use and results.

Choosing the best one for your CPU depends on whether you’re just building a basic PC or are going to be pushing your rig over factory settings. For the former, any TIM will do, while the latter requires something more refined.

The CORSAIR XTM50 is an excellent choice for both, with its ability to handle the heat generated by the most extreme processors on the market. It uses a new compound that is less viscous and easier to spread, while also increasing the bond-line thickness to reduce thermal resistance. This allows it to absorb more heat and dissipate it faster, giving you a significant performance boost. The only downside is that it only comes in 3.5 grams, which may not be enough for all your CPU installations, but you can always buy more if needed.

The Arctic Silver 5 is a non-electrically conductive liquid metal thermal paste that was specifically designed for high performance. Its silver particles help lower load temperatures, and it is made from aluminum oxide, boron nitride, and zinc oxide to provide superior thermal conductivity over conventional pastes. It is safe to apply, but you should be careful not to spill it on other components. If it does, make sure you wipe it off immediately and thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol to avoid short circuits. best thermal paste for cpu

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