Sunday 19th May 2024
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A tor bitcoin mixer (also known as a tumbler) is a service that allows you to send your coins to several other addresses before returning them to you. This process is useful for avoiding detection by third parties that may be monitoring your cryptocurrency transactions. The goal of tor bitcoin mixer is to break the traceable connection between the source and destination address and protect you from being tracked by malicious users.

The best tor bitcoin mixers offer different features depending on the level of anonymity you want. For example, some offer instant withdrawals while others require a delay of up to 72 hours. Additionally, some of them keep logs while others delete them after a certain period of time. It is important to perform due diligence before choosing a tor bitcoin mixer.

Yo!Mix is a first-class tor bitcoin mixer that supports the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin cryptocurrencies. The platform uses multi-transactions and a unique mixing code to guarantee that you will not receive your coins back from the same transaction. It also provides a separate TOR mirror and a clean website with disabled JavaScript.

It has a simple interface that lets you mix up to 5 addresses. It has a low fee of 0.5% per mix and offers an instant transfer option after 2 confirmations. It also offers a delayed payout with a variable delay of up to 30 confirmations. It is important to note that the delays are determined by the service based on mathematical algorithms and cannot be specified by the user. This feature helps to obfuscate your transactions from cluster analysis and quantitative analysis.

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