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Whether you’re an athlete in need of a workout routine to complement your existing regimen or you’re just starting out, there’s no better way to get your fitness on track than with the help of a personal trainer. These trainers can guide you through strength, flexibility and nutrition-related goals, as well as provide you with new exercise techniques to keep things fresh. They’ll also help you stay motivated to keep coming back and working hard, so you can see your goals come to fruition.

Finding a trainer who’s the right fit can be challenging, but it’s well worth it. The key is to look beyond a trainer’s credentials and price per session. A great trainer will have a true interest in your goals and genuinely care about helping you achieve them. They’ll be able to connect with you on a human level, understand what it takes to get there and will make it fun along the way.

The best fitness trainers near me will be passionate about helping you change your life for the better. They’ll have a unique background and expertise, which will allow them to tailor your workout to your specific needs. Some will specialize in areas like weight loss, while others will focus on injury rehabilitation and prevention. Some will even have a strong social media presence, which makes them more visible online and in the real world.

A good fitness trainer will listen to you and be knowledgeable about your lifestyle, health history and any injuries or weaknesses. They’ll ask about your current diet and what you enjoy doing for exercise, as well as how much time you have to dedicate to your training.

Cori Ciucci, a certified personal fitness professional with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, has trained clients in all walks of life. She says that her most important job is to give her clients the tools they need to succeed. “I help them find the right balance between strength and mobility, so they can have a functional body for life,” she says. “This includes training people in different occupations, including police officers and firefighters, as well as young athletes.”

Another trainer with an impressive background is Dino Malvone, owner of Benswic, which provides private ($80) and group (about $120 per class) classes for adults. He focuses on building endurance, core strength and flexibility with calisthenics-like moves that he calls “hard AF but humbling.” “When I leave his sessions, I feel accomplished and stronger,” says interior designer Athena Calderone.

One of the most popular personal trainers in NYC is Anna Kaiser, who offers in-home training. She draws on multiple disciplines, including dance and yoga, to create her own workout system, called AKT. She’s known for her ability to sculpt bodies, and clients like actor Waris Ahluwalia say she feels more confident in her body thanks to Kaiser. She offers a variety of sessions at her studios in New York and the Hamptons, and she also trains people online. fitness trainers near me

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