Sunday 21st July 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Goodies pub is a good place for people who want to eat well, drink good wine and listen to live music. You can order sandwiches and appetizers like omelets, Belgian waffles or smoked salmon with OJ, hibiscus and cranberry juice. The bar is also nice and offers drinks like bloody Marys.

Corporate goodies are the ideal way to thank customers, suppliers and business partners while bringing significant marketing benefits. They are often used to communicate a message or promote a company’s image and they can be personalized with a logo or a slogan.

Before the implementation of Fintecture’s solution, Goodies Pub only accepted credit card payments on its website. Now, it offers its BtoB customers a 2-in-1 payment solution including immediate transfer or smart transfer. The smart transfer option allows the customer to choose the most suitable method of payment according to their situation and the time they have available. The payment process is automated and simplified, with the unique IBAN automatically generated for each buyer and the possibility of tracking their transaction online, similar to parcel tracking. This totally optimizes the payment flows and frees up internal teams, allowing them to concentrate on high value-added activities. In addition, the risk of error is completely eliminated.

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